Registration Rules:

1. Registration fee is applicable to each single-authored or multi-authored research paper.

2. In case your submission is multi-authored and more than one author would like to participate in the conference, each participant needs to register and pay the registration fee separately.

3. Every registered participant will get a copy of a printed conference proceedings, printed Journal of Integrated South East Asian Research Journal on Higher Education (ISEARJHED) and admission to all conference sessions, opening ceremony, lunch, coffee breaks, conference ID, and conference kits, conference gift, and certificates.

4. Registration is inclusive of publication in ISEARJHED only and not on other journals, but the author may opt not to publish his/her/their articles without any changes in the registration fee. The publication is also subject to deadlines.  If the author submits the full paper beyond the deadline of full paper submission, it will not be included in the printed journal and will not entails the reduction in the registration fee.

5. Registered presenter and non-presenter will receive three (3) certificates for appearance, participation, and recognition.  A separate certificate will be given to session chairpersons.

6. Graduate students who intend to present their papers must submit their student’s registration form and must be enrolled within the academic year 2016-2017.

7. Researchers who are holders of valid IRES Membership card are entitled to Early Registration rate regardless of the date of registration.

8. Substitution is allowed in case the registered author-presenter failed to attend and present his/her/their paper, provided that the original author-presenter is registered.

9. Cancellation and Policy and Change of Registration Type for the Conference: If we receive your written cancellation before June 15, 2017, the registration fees will be refunded, deducted by an administrative fee of $150 or Php 7,000. There will be no refunds for cancellations received after June 15, 2017. In a case of change of registration type, (i.e. from paper presenter to an audience), written request of change submitted before June 15, 2017, the difference in the cost of registration shall be refunded. There will be no refunds of difference in cost for changes in registration type after June 15, 2017.

10. Additional paper will be charged $200

Registration Rates:

                                                                                           Early Registration                                            Regular Registration                                                                                                              (On or before June 15, 2017)                                     (After June 15, 2017)                                                                                                   Foreign Delegates       Philippine Delegates          Foreign Delegates       Philippine Delegates

Academic/Industry Researcher                                      $400                       Php  16,000                             $450                    Php  19,000
Student Researcher                                                       $300                       Php  11,000                             $350                    Php  14,000
Audience                                                                       $200                       Php    8,500                              $250                    Php  10,500



Each complete registration fee includes:

  • One Paper Presentation (except audience)
  • Opportunity to be recognized as Best Paper of the Conference
  • Admission to all oral sessions
  • Admission to all poster sessions
  • Certificate of Appearance
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Certificate of Recognition as Paper Presenter
  • Certificate of Recognition as Session Chair (if selected)
  • Conference bag
  • Conference gift, ID, conference proceedings with the conference program
  • Refreshment breaks during the entire conference date
  • Conference buffet lunch during the entire conference date
  • Publication in the printed Integrated South East Asian Research Journal on Higher Education, ISSN 2467-5997

Participants will be responsible for their transportation and accommodation expenses.

To save for transportation expenses of participants, a recorded virtual presentation option will be given to presenters who will not be able to attend the event

Please note:

1. No refunds will be issued by IRES for any reason after June 15, 2017.

2. The receipt as a proof of payment will be issued at the registration desk on the conference day.

4. Payment scheme will be sent to authors upon receiving the acceptance letter.

Acceptance Level

Paper acceptance is of two level.

Level 1 type is an Acceptance for Paper Presentation in the conference.  At this level, the submitted abstract is evaluated based on the presented significant findings and results.  The review process is conducted by the conference committee chairs for the general session and the chair of the invited paper session for the invited paper.  A majority approval of the chairs is required for a decision of Acceptance.  The acceptance for paper presentation could either be oral, poster or virtual presentation. A Notice of Acceptance for Presentation will be sent to the author to confirm the presentation in the conference.
Level 2 type is an Acceptance for Publication either in the conference proceedings or in a journal.  At this level, a full paper is requested from the author for submission. The full paper will undergo a double blind peer review process facilitated by the conference committee for publication.  At least two affirmative peer review results with constructive comments are required to accept the paper for publication. Once accepted, a Notice of Acceptance for Publication will be sent to the author to confirm the publication of the paper.

Reviewing Process

For Level 1 type of acceptance, the review process is as follows:

1. Authors submit the abstract of his/her paper to the conference secretariat.

2. The secretariat will review its format following the template prescribed by the conference committee.

3. The secretariat will assign a unique tag number for each abstract.  This tag number will be used to trace the abstract and referencing purposes.

4. It will then be sent to the conference chair for evaluation or the chairperson on an invited paper session.

5. The evaluation covers the following criteria: (a) Consistency of the title to the discussion in the abstract; (b) Existence of methodology used, or data gathering procedure (c) Relevance of the result of the study to the cluster field of study.

6. If the abstract garnered a majority affirmation based on the above criteria, as evaluated by the chair or invited paper chairperson, the secretariat will issue a Level 1 type of acceptance to the Author.

7. At this point, the paper is Accepted for Presentation at the conference.


For Level 2 type of acceptance, a double-blind peer review process for publication in a journal includes the following process:

1. Authors submit a full paper through the conference. A full paper is composed of at least 6 pages and the maximum of 8 pages, including tables and figures.

2. Upon receipt of the Secretariat of the full paper, a unique tag number will be assigned to the paper.  It will be used to trace the paper and referencing purposes.

3.  It will be sent to at least two (2) peer-reviewers identified by the committee chair or from the pool of reviewers listed on the roster of the organizers. Reviewers, who are authorities in their selected fields, provides comments and suggestion and assist the Editor-in-chief in arriving at a decision to publish. If the manuscript is lacking merit upon evaluation, the Editor-in-chief will be asked to reject the paper immediately.

4.  To help decide on the merits of the paper and reach a common conclusion on the paper’s suitability for publication, the Editor-in-chief usually asks for an editorial board gathering to study the peer-reviewers comments.

5. The authors may be asked to respond to the questions raised by reviewers if the paper is accepted for publication or a rejection letter is sent if not accepted.

6. The author/s are to respond in due time and clarify ambiguities if any.

7. Upon receiving the revised paper, the editors will review the edited paper and check for the author’s compliance to the comments and suggestions of the reviewers.

8. Upon the last round of review (mentioned at 7), and their approval, the paper is put in the queue for publication.

Payment Details:

Peso Account:
Bank Name: Metrobank
Bank Branch Address: KM 44/45 The Cabanas, Longos, Malolos City, Bulacan 3000
Account Number: 758-3-73317533-9
Account Name: International Research Enthusiast Society Inc.
Swift Code: MBTCPHMM
Dollar Account:
Bank Name: Metrobank
Bank Branch Address: KM 44/45 The Cabanas, Longos, Malolos City, Bulacan 3000
Account Number: 758-2-75800060-0
Account Name: International Research Enthusiast Society Inc.
Swift Code: MBTCPHMM
Upon payment/deposit of your registration fee, please scan and send a copy of the Deposit/remittance slip to
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