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To submit a paper to the conference, use the Abstract Submission Form below. Only Research Abstract is required for initial submission to determine the acceptability of the paper in the conference. If the Abstract Submission Form did not work, you may send as an email attachment to and use the ISEARCHEd 2017 as Subject Title. Kindly mention in your email the institution you are connected, the type of presentation whether oral, poster or video and whether you are an academic or student researcher.

Abstract Submission Form:

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Abstract Submission Form

Once your paper is accepted and received the Notice of Acceptance, you may submit the full paper version using the Full Paper Submission Form below. Again if this does not work, your may send as an email attachment to and use the Peper Reference Number as your Subject Title.

Full Paper Submission Form:

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Full Paper Submission Form

Submission Requirements:

1. The research paper must be original.
2. Graduate students’ research paper, either proposal or have been presented in final defense are acceptable.
3. Must be in English translation only.
4. Must have a minimum of three or more keywords for indexing purposes.

Paper Guidelines:

1. All papers should be in MSWORD or PAGE format. DO NOT SUBMIT PDF file.
2. Use ARIAL FONT STYLE in all parts, single space.
3. Use 12 Font Size for TITLE; 10 Font Size for AUTHOR(S), AFFILIATION, E-MAIL ADDRESS and SUBTITLES; and 10 Font Size all throughout the text.
4. Use 9 Font Size for all data inside the tables and figures.
5. Research Title is bold, and center aligned.
6. Subtitles are bold and left aligned.
7. The rest of the papers should be justify aligned, single spaced.
8. The abstract is accepted on INITIAL SUBMISSION.
9. For FULL PAPERS, the minimum parts are as follows:
-Email Address
-Statement of Objectives/Problems
-Results and Discussion
-Researchers’ Profile with Picture
10. Maximum of 8 PAGES only, including abstract, tables, figures and references. Any excess will be charged accordingly.
11. Use APA Format for references.
12. Margins: Right-1.5, Left-1, Top-1, Bottom-1

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